Getting Internet Service in Rural New Mexico Takes More Than “Doing the Math”

Sherry Robinson, columnist.

Spools of fiber-optic cable are becoming a more common sight across the state since the federal government has begun funding Internet projects. It’s a good thing, isn’t it? Maybe not, if you listen to naysayers. In April, the US Department of Agriculture announced that New Mexico would receive $40 million for three rural broadband projects, … Read more

Apple Partner Suggests Potential Satellite Internet Capabilities for iPhone

iOS 16.1 will include satellite connection demo for iPhone 14 users

With the iPhone 14 last fall, Apple introduced its new Satellite Emergency SOS feature that allows users to contact emergency services and send short text messages without a cellular connection. Apple is working with Globalstar on its satellite technology, and in a new FCC filing, Globalstar hints at an expansion of the iPhone’s satellite capabilities. … Read more

Friday the fifth: fireworks, nice shops and faster internet

The independence celebration kicked off last Saturday at Mt. Pleasant and continues through July 4th. Be careful if you have firecrackers or fireworks. Also remember that they are illegal in North Carolina. #1 Where to party? The Charlotte Symphony plays its annual Patriotic Concert in Village Park on Saturday night, followed by fireworks. Our family … Read more

A Metaverse That Matters: A Look at the Next Chapter of the Internet

The metaverse promises to transform our world.  What impact does the metaverse have on us as humans given its potential to revolutionize our reality?

The metaverse promises to transform our world. What impact does the metaverse have on us as humans given its potential to revolutionize our reality? Web3, blockchain, and the metaverse are topics that most people with an internet connection are familiar with or have at least heard of. The technology behind it is catching on like … Read more

Why your practice needs an Internet contingency plan

Why your practice needs an Internet contingency plan

  Why Your Practice Needs an Internet Contingency Plan | Image Credit: Georgi – Georgi – Technology plays a vital role in healthcare, and it’s impossible to talk about its benefits without touting the awesome things that can be done digitally for your practice. With a growing reliance on the internet and its benefits, … Read more

Bidens Internet boondoggle, who are the real fascists and other comments

President Joe Biden

Opinion editorial By mail Editorial board June 28, 2023 | 5:16 pm MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently accused Florida presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis of running an openly fascist campaign. Variety via Getty Images Libertarian: Bidens Internet Boondoggle President Biden’s $42 billion broadband equity, access and delivery plan is an obscene amount of money to invest … Read more

The PUC will hear the complaints about Frontier Communications’ telephone and Internet service at an upcoming hearing

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) plans to hold a hearing July 19 at George A. Smith Middle School in Eden Township to address complaints about Frontier Communications’ telephone and Internet services to Quarryville customers. The PUC has already held hearings in Tioga, Bradford and Wyoming counties following hundreds of customer complaints about service disruptions … Read more

Korea rivals the United States in new script shows the global popularity of the Internet

Squid game

Netflix TOLEDO, Spain In 2022, 32 US titles ranked in the top 100 of the world’s most popular new drama TV shows released in 2022. 30 South Korean series have reached the same Top 100, according to a study by Ampere Analysis, a consultancy based in London and Los Angeles, presented on Tuesday at Conecta … Read more

New developments for high-speed Internet from space enabled by coherent modulation and adaptive optics

Internet from space via optical satellites.

image: Vision of a satellite communications link based on optical technologies providing Internet connectivity to the earth from space. An optical space network would require only a limited number of ground stations, strategically embedded in a continental fiber network, to mitigate the potential obstruction of clouds when transmitting and receiving information to and from space … Read more

Making the Internet Possible for Everyone in Washington

Governor Jay Inslee

How the state and federal governments are working together to bring high-speed internet to every corner of the Evergreen State President Biden’s administration announced this week that Washington will receive more than $1.2 billion to expand high-speed Internet networks across the state. “I am thrilled to see the federal government step up its investment in … Read more