Yes, Tim Cooks Vision Pro headset “killed” Steve Jobs’ iPhone! Apple has a new superstar

Yes, Tim Cook's Vision Pro headset "killed"  Steve Jobs' iPhone!  Apple has a new superstar

When thinking about what makes Apple products great, we often mention software, hardware, support, ecosystem integration, and ease of use. However, one thing few people talk about is how important it is Attention it’s for a product like the new iPhone, for example. Of course, the amount of attention a product receives will likely match … Read more

The Google Pixel experience would be the perfect fit for a flip phone

The Google Pixel experience would be the perfect fit for a flip phone

Flip phones are making a comeback in the foldable era, and I can’t help but think that Google’s Pixel experience would be the perfect fit for the form factor. This issue of 9to5Google Weekender is part of the rebooted 9to5Google newsletter that highlights the top Google stories with added commentary and other tidbits. Sign up … Read more

Samsung must stop installing apps without our permission

If you’ve ever owned a Samsung smartphone, you’ll know that the company installs a lot of bloatware beyond what’s actually needed to use it. This is partly because One UI is an OS based on another OS, so you’ll have duplicate applications. There is Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store, Google Messages and Samsung … Read more

A new dating app launched in San Francisco. 6,000 have already signed up.

Best friends CoraKyler and Alena Titova founded Soon, a new dating app only in San Francisco that aims to address some of the biggest problems with online dating.

If you’ve been waiting outside Sightglass Coffee on Divisadero Street for the past few weeks or walking through almost every neighborhood in San Francisco, chances are you’ve noticed some flyers for a new dating app called Soon. There’s a good chance they were placed there by Cora Kyler, the 27-year-old co-founder. Kyler, who recently earned … Read more

Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk (Enchanted Woods Update): New Brawlers, Starr Drops and Enchanted Skins

Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk Cordelius

With the currentJune 2023 Brawl Talkplayers will see two new onesBrawlers coming into play in the current Enchanted Woods update. This will include a themed fighting game in the form of Cordelius, which is a toxic presence from another dimension. Along with some new fighters, there are enchanted skins that will be introduced in this … Read more

6 Hidden Samsung Galaxy Shortcuts You Can Use on Any Samsung Phone

There are Android phones and then there are Samsung Galaxy phones. Since the early days of Android, Samsung has done more to improve and improve its phones than any other phone maker, all in the unabashed pursuit of being the best-selling phone in the world. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone you’re in good … Read more

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Apple’s best big iPhone ever to finally convince small phone users to switch?

The biggest iPhone is still the best iPhone if you're a heavy media user.  - iPhone 15 Pro Max: Apple's best big iPhone ever to finally convince small phone users to switch?

I’ve been extremely vocal about my dislike of large phones, and (be assured), my stance hasn’t changed much. As an iPhone 13 mini user, I find phones like iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra Truly nice to see but extremely uncomfortable to put in a pocket or hold in one hand, which is … Read more

How to create and set emoji wallpapers on a Google Pixel phone

It is now possible to create and set custom emoji wallpapers on Google Pixel phones. Bundled with the June 2023 feature release, in addition to the ability to create cinematic wallpapers and take photos hands-free, Google has given Pixel users on Android 13 the ability to create cute home and lock screen wallpapers with their … Read more

The best wireless chargers for Google Pixel Fold in 2023

Cut the cord and charge wirelessly Pixel Fold marks Google’s entry into the exciting foldable smartphone space. If you’ve been wowed by this premium Pixel and you’re looking to buy one, it’s time to start thinking about accessories to get the most out of it. Of course, the best Pixel Fold cases and screen protectors … Read more

Samsung’s sale of Woot takes hundreds off the Galaxy S22 series and all its accessories

While Samsung’s latest line of Galaxy S23 smartphones and Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatches just hit the market earlier this year, not all of us out there are tech hipsters looking to upgrade to the latest devices as soon as they arrive. There’s still some life to be had with older generation devices like the Galaxy … Read more